Its always fun to be on the beaches of Goa, India, part 1

I have been to Goa twice and am always game for it. Generally I don’t prefer going to the same place more than once, unless the reason is something else apart from travel.If you do an approximate calculation,you wont be able to finish travelling everywhere,even if you try doing it the entire life unless you are immortal…lol!!! So if you have infinite options, It doesn’t make sense to repeat a destination,rite?well not always….Goa is one place I can go again and again….though people say ,it is loosing its appeal and lot of tourists opt for Thailand nowadays, due to cheap airfare and stay,plus an advantage of being in foreign (also due to increase in Russian mafia), but I feel Goa has a different charm that wont fade so easily.

My first trip was with my group of friends from north-east. we planned this trip not during peak season. It was in April. Very hot and humid during the day.The best time to be in Goa is during the winter months October to February or march-carnival. You will never need woolen clothes in Goa except for a light jacket for the night rides,only during winter months…however I feel all the months are good . Even the monsoon season June to September, when nature flourishes, the rain brings all the refreshment and romance, and there is a traditional flavor all around Goa. Travel to Goa during the monsoon and you’ll be able to experience it the local Goan way! but this is only for those who loves rain and nature,otherwise it will be a waste .

Ok so now let me get back to our journey, I reached Goa and my friends had already checked in by then. We came from different routes, while I from Delhi,they from Nagaland! My friends gave me a number of the hotel manager, called Francis. I had to co-ordinate with him once I reach. So all the while i was having this very formal conversation with him in english(he had a peculiar accent) ,with his imaginary figure as a well-built, a little dark christian guy with moustache, wearing a suit! Once I reached the place, it was a beautiful bungalow that had been converted into a hotel. I got the best sea facing room. the person who escorted me was a very short till my shoulder level, with curly hair, wearing a very loose t-shirt that hung till his knees and a loose hip-hop style jeans,almost falling down. When I said  I liked the room and wanted to talk to Francis abt the rent,apt came the reply”Hi,tis is francis”……OMG, you can well imagine how I controlled my laughter….ROFL wud be understating…well welcome to Goa!

The bungalow was around baga beach. And my friends were already on the beach enjoying seafood n chilled beer. It was nite by the time I joined them…..hogged on the food in the shack…
Rite after dinner we went for the kill,no mood to rest,you r in goa aftrall. we hired an Avenger, Pulsar and Activa. 200 per day for Activa 250 for pulsar and 300 for avenger plus the petrol is on you.We set off for the saturday night market which is open from 5pm to 1am. Its towards anjuna beach .for someone like me its a fantastic setup, wherein you can shop stuffs sold by international vendors,which are very unique. i got a gladiator sandals,original leather.that was the first time i saw gladiators n fell in love with them, Nowadays u find the fake versions in almost every shop like the ‘being human’ tees!!lol.there were also live bands performing. Tried some crab dishes….I thoroughly enjoyed the nite!!

Next day I got up a bit late and we headed to the baga beach for brunch.A simple experience of sipping chilled beer in the shack overlooking the beach can be so relaxing! Later drove to calangute beach for water sports.all major water sports happen in main calangute beach, other beaches ,its atrociously expensive!

We tried Parasailing, water scooter, banana ride and bumper ride. the package was for 650/- per person for 4 sports. this goes till 1000 or more also, you need to do good bargain!

Got extremely tired by evening, so planned to get leg,back and head massage done. The massage is mostly done by male masseur. Just lie on the beach bed and relax. they are pretty good at their work. but make sure to remove the sand particles properly, Orelse the massage will be more pain and less pleasure! It was a perfect sunset view.

Reached hotel by 8pm. had dinner and drinks at the hotel beach shack. rested a bit and got ready to hit the night clubs-Titos and Mambos located on baga beach. Our guide was mr.Francis,all pumped up to shake a leg! spent sometime at titos but we had a blast at mambos. DJ Nikhil(MTV) was on the console. For those who don’t know, I am a crazy dancer as well….i cant refrain from dancing on good music…i did some crazy dance moves on the DJ table!!it was crazy…..Francis was unstoppable…taking a chance with every female possible…we literally had to hide ourselves from him! Reached hotel at about 4am .
We had planned for early morning dolphin trip,managed to reach at abt 8am, I being the last person to arrive at the spot. I almost missed it, coz i luv my sleep…can miss food for sleep!but my friends called frantically n i had to oblige…lol. went way ahead into the sea in the local boat. saw abt 4-6 dolphins,swimming in sync. the view was spectacular. was happy i went. the weather was cool and pleasant so we did some beach bathing. We pushed each other in the water and had great fun….and ended up all salty and sticky and sun-tanned!!
Took bath and decided to check out the hippie clothes,quite popular in goa.these stalls are almost everywhere in goa. We also  had some awesome time at condolim beach trying different mocktails n lying down on beach bed.

The same nite we planned for the paradiso club which is located at Anjuna beach itself.It is the biggest club in Goa,very spacious,with beautiful white ambience made of white cement, looking out towards the sea,open four sides.It was at -1 level from the ground. We paid Rs1000/- for couple entry with unlimited drinks. We drank like fish and all the girls were literally out within an hour. The guys held back their drinks to be our protectors!! true gentlemen…pretty cool. Some advice for females who drink-you can afford to go all out, only when you have reliable people around who can drop you home safely orelse please don’t risk it.Now this club was filled with foreign tourists and unlike the previous ones, most of them were high on weed.people had all types of drugs with them.but we knew our limits and stuck to our drinks!partied till 3-4am….In the morning we had a great laugh pulling each other’s leg. One of our friend got so high,she went around the floor banging people’s head with each other. Have anyone heard of it before!!one of us was so drunk, She was sleeping behind the scooter while our sane friend was riding it with one hand,holding both her hands from the other, incase she disappears on the way! even i was nt spared. Last night when we went out of the club to grab a bite, (there are no eating joints or shack,just stalls),i not feeling like eating through my sandwich towards a cow,the aim was just perfect it landed on someones head!!ofcourse our gentlemen had to ask sorry.In the morning I thought was there a cow or i imagined it!the sane guys confirmed there was one in totally opposite direction. whatever it is, It was great fun,we danced like crazy, i even took up some dance challenges from foreigners there,which was a success..thnk God!  Anjuna beach is not as lively as the other main beaches like baga,calangute and all. so be careful during late nightouts.

Next morning checked out the anjuna Flea market, which was bustling and an amazing bargain.It is believed it were the hippies who brought about the trend of the flea market at Anjuna beach during the late 1960s.It happens every Wednesday throughout high season from 9am to 6pm.Our last night we again decided to hit the most buzzing area in Goa and zoomed to mambos. It was crazier than the last time….and my stunts were crazier too…I stood on the center platform(people who had been there would know exactly where),with ropes hanging on the top….i hung on these ropes and unimaginable moves, Don’t know from where i got all d stamina to do such difficult steps…the crowd when bizzarre….everyone clapped ,hooted and cheered me…later sum foreigners joined me…..and it went on till morning as usual….next morning we left Goa for the busy city life….it seemed like 2 different world.

there is so much activity once in goa,so much fun to share…..will share abt the my second visit in the next blog……tis one is already an overdose of fun!

P.S i miss not having Francis’s pic to share with you all!!n  some crazy pics are in analog mode:(

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