Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, India

People living in and around Delhi must surely have visited Jim Corbett, if not all i can say is they don’t like travelling or say, adventure travelling at all!!!coz this is one of the most obvious choice and pretty good for weekend getaway!!It is 300kms from Delhi which takes about 6-7 hours, abt 5 hours if you drive like me!

For people who do not know abt Jim Corbett, it is the oldest national park in India. The park—named after the hunter and conservationist Jim Corbett who played a key role in its establishment—was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park. Situated in Nainital district of Uttarakhand, the park acts as a protected area for the endangered bengal tiger of India.
I went there with my best buddies,my family. Whenever my sister and brother-in-law plan to visit me,we make sure to plan some travel together. Well, this was not exactly planned.My BIL got a call from a vacation club, that provides holiday packages on membership.my BIL being very gullible, cudnt say no to them and reluctantly I accompanied him to their office. At last being regular travellers, we took 2 membership with them and got  a free coupon for 6-7 days along with the membership. so in order to avail those coupon, we decided to take this trip. It was a short and sweet trip of 2nights and 3 days.

It was a jolly good ride with lot of good music and good humour keeping our spirits high until we reached a village called saudaspur .As we reached this place the bolts of car wheel got loosen and the tyre started wobbling and we had to immediately make a halt.Luckily there was a mechanic shop just half a kms away. We pushed the car till the shop. The mechanic, to our disappointment was a very old person,who tried his best to loosen the screw which was stuck to the bolt like it would never leave it,he went on for more than
an hour!!..by that time our energy,water,food everything was exhausted,but in vain.On seeing us having a tough time, an uncle approached us and asked abt the problem.After sometime he got us tea and water. Later aunty came along and requested us to eat something. We chose to accompany her, as by now enemies of our blood-mosquitoes had come out for some Bon Appetit!!

We saw an excellent example of a joint family. A very large Muslim family with 3 generations living together under one roof. It was a well-to-do,simple family. Very hospitable people. They served us fruits,sweets and more tea. For dinner we politely refused, as we didn’t want to trouble them more. Aunty had skilled sons who knew a lot about cars, so by now about 5-6 people were working on our car.Such a small problem proved to be so expensive, in terms of time. We had stopped at about 3:30pm and we cud resume our journey only at 11PM. We thanked for their kindness and hospitality, and promised to call them and keep in touch.We are still in touch!!Their daughter who appeared for 10+2 had passed her exams with flying color….
However a lesson to learn-always get your car serviced and double check on even the minute detail, before going for a long journey!Never take your car for granted,no matter how loyal it had been so far!

We reached our destination past midnight.Thank God a hot meal was awaiting us. The staff was kind enough to have waited for us
so long.Breakfast,lunch and dinner everything was arranged by the hotel and our food experience was more than excellent. It was a comfortable hotel which served food that tasted exactly like home-made!!We relished our food the most in this trip.Btw only the accomodation was free,for food we had to pay extra,though we got 30% discount on F&B.

Next morning we were ready by 10am. Fuelled ourselves with good breakfast and planned to explore the vicinity. We wandered the riverside. there was a river flowing just at the back of our hotel.It was a tributary of river Ramganga.Later we went to the busy town of Ramnagar which is just few kms from corbett. It is popular as the entry point to the park.Ramnagar is a small town with all modern facilities like ATMs, hotels, market places and shops.it was very crowded and we were stuck in bad traffic jam for sometym.I didnt like tis town at all!We got some fruits and diapers for my nephew and booze for us! On our way back we shopped for some souveneirs from roadside shops.

There are lot of activities you can do in corbett like Rappelling,river crossing,rock climbing,fishing,river rafting,bird watching,jeep safari,elephant safari,night safari and paragliding, all depending on the season you visit.We visited corbett in may,when it was blisteringly hot. The best months to visit are considered from November to june! Don’t forget to include caps and dark sunglasses wen you visit it in summer.

We had bn there just for the safari adventure and so we had to get up real early the next day to get the permit for the jungle,as it was a peak season and entries are limited to some number.The administration of Corbett National Park conducts Jeep Safari twice a day. The permits are issued for a half day Safari (6:30 AM to 9:30 AM, 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM) or a full day Safari (6:30 AM to 5:30 PM). They only allow 30 open jeeps in single time, among them 5 are allowed for whole day safari

The girls were not bothered as the big boys wud do the needful of getting up whatever tym!!lol …..once we reached hotel,it was tea time. We were served tea and we sat at the lawn and enjoyed every sip of it. After sometime we started our drinking session. there was music and bonfire and the weather had become quite pleasant at night.It was almost 2am when we planned to retire. the big boys had to wake up at 6am!!haha

We got the evening safari which was scheduled to leave at 1:30pm.After eating a voluptuous lunch we sat in the jeep with a full stomach!!we were adviced to eat less but then cudnt control
our taste buds!!hehe.My sweet little nephew was enjoying the open jeep safari to the fullest.His 1st safari ride and he didnt  trouble us at all! We drove around the forest….saw elephants, deers,peacock,birds,langoors but no tiger!!!We cud only see some
footprints of the tiger and the guide said they are fresh prints,which means the tiger just passed. excited on hearing this, we felt we are almost there, but in vain!!Later we got to knw that the forest staff imprint the pugmarks themselves, just to make our trip a little exciting.they dont guarantee on sighting a tiger,but atleast u see a guaranteed footprints!!hahhaha
We had great fun.I was standing in the jeep throughout my safari,which made the whole experience more adventurous. We stopped for refreshment after abt 2 hrs. Had tea and samosas. We resumed after 30 mins. And again went on to
try our luck. we had great time on the way. had stopped at the tree house and clicked sum awesome pics . the view of the forest from the tree house was just perfect. It is used as a watch tower.Inside the park you are not allowed to get down from the vehicle except for at the
Forest rest houses(FRH) or the watch tower.!

The jeep safari costed us Rs.3500/-.You can take your own car inside the park or can hire a jeep safari, two wheelers are not allowed. SUV’s are preferred options. There are other options like elephant safari,canter safari. The Park is divided into 5 tourist zones. You need to enter the region from where the permit is passed. We got Bijrani zone entry from Amadanda gate.For a Safari in Dhikala zone a night stay at Dhikala region is mandatory.

Our safari trip came to an end at abt 6 pm. The same evening was our return. we reached hotel,had tea and snacks,packed our bags and started our journey back to delhi.

Our journey ended with a funny incident.no ATMs were working in the entire Ramnagar and we were left with almost no cash. At abt 10pm we got really hungry and wanted to eat a sumptous meal in a dhaba.we braked at a dhaba and thought of having a dinner like a pauper.We started collecting every coin we had,and searched and researched all nooks and corners of our wallets and pockets. To our great surprise my BIL found a rs.500 note tucked in one corner of his wallet.it was like getting a treasure!!!That was one of the most satisfying meals of our lives!!
so guys,tiger or no tiger,cash or less cash,luck or no luck……but do make a visit to Jim Corbett,…..and btw such unforeseen incidents only make the journey more interesting and more memorable

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