Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal

After checking on Kathmandu, the adventure side of me made a calling and so i headed to Pokhara, which is a magnificent valley of lakes and mountains and second largest tourist destination in Nepal, next to Kathmandu.

Paragliding in Pokhara

I took a morning flight-Guna airlines, which was a 19 seater flight.Pokhara is 200 km from Kathmandu and the flight took abt 30 mins duration and costed me abt INR 4300. I had got the booking done in Fishtail Lodge, one of the best properties there. A nice property overlooking the Fewa lake and Annapurna Range of mountains with the Fishtail like peak. The resort can be reached by crossing Fewa lake. The lodge is like an island with the connectivity via raft or a boat. It was an experience in itself!

I checked in, had lunch and booked my paragliding session for the afternoon,costed me about INR3000. It was august and thankfully it was a bright and sunny day,ideal for paragliding.Best months being october to april, august is 50% good days for flying,which means I was lucky.

The car came to pick me up from the lodge at abt 2pm. We were shifted to a minibus where other tourist were waiting. had a small drive up to the sarangkot hill. once we reached the spot, we geared up for the flight. It wasn’t a solo flight, for that you need some training; and so I was accompanied by an instructor. I got a very free-spirited instructor called Shankar.

Both of us sat on the harness attached to the canopy or the paragliders and waited for the right time to take off. the wind was just perfect and we were soaring higher, with Shankar managing the glider with the help of suspensions attached to our harness.

As always in any adventure, the take off was the scariest part. It seemed like we are sitting free in the air. later after a while we get used to it…..Gliding takes its own time…its a slow flight like a just sit up and enjoy the view.

We were gliding over the Fewa lake, which is one of the nepal’s most beautiful spots. The lake is surrounded by monkey filled forests and high white peaks. i witnessed the whole Annapurna range from the top. I also checked out the World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa) , atop a hill overlooking Fewa Tal.The lake seemed so beautiful from the top giving mirror-like reflection of the mountains around.

The flight is for 1 hour approx. when we were approaching the landing, I started feeling giddy, felt I would puke. I asked the instructor if anybody pukes in the air and he said oh yes, it happens all the time and he dreads the scene. well, landing isn’t an easy task,we need to find a perfect spot to land. The Fewa Lake below offers a safety net, with many landing spots to choose.

I controlled hard not to vomit and asked the instructor to hurry up,we missed one landing spot and tried the next one.we witnessed a minor accident by other flyers while landing. they hit a wall…wo!! My instructor guided me on landing,as we are about to land, keep your feet strong to run along the runway,try not to fall!Eventually we landed safely and yuppie,I didn’t vomit!!Later I got to know that we should eat very light before the flight. I had rice and chicken for…..and the funny thing was, a friend of mine vomited midair spoiling the instructor’s shirt with the puke spray…just imagine who else must have had a share down below…rofl.

wow another wonderful experience.n the instructor clicked awesome pictures and video with the help of a camera taped in a pole! and I got a certificate too!!

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