Skywalk at Macau Tower, Macau

I went to the Macau tower with only bungy jump in my mind. I had no idea about any other adventure sport being done there. At the counter I was informed that there is another adventure happening called skywalk apart from bungy. Seriously guys when I looked down from the top, my head was literally spinning, bungy seemed impossible thing, plus my naval piercing…so i thought why not go for skywalk -1. If am not able to do bungy, at least I won’t go empty-handed. 2. I wanted to gather some courage before the final act. so in a way going for skywalk first was the safer bet, basically to overcome my fear!!

Now what is SkyWalk? I wondered…because I hadn’t heard about it before. They explained that it is like taking a stroll around the outer perimeter that encircles the tower.  It seemed like a piece of cake. But than i overlooked the fact that  the walkway is just 1.8 meters wide, you’re actually outside the tower in the open and THERE’S NO HANDRAIL!

Imagine you’re standing on top of the tower 233 meters / 764 feet high without any!! piece of cake ehh? However I was ensured that the safety is guaranteed by a world-first overhead rail system.

There was a very cute looking instructor from Macau, who really made me very comfortable during the walk of course!! He was doing all sorts of stunts and eventually I followed suit…..i tried leaning my upper body outward,jumping ,standing on the edge,standing on railing etc………though i was scared inside…however thinking of the fact that whats the use of coming to Macau tower and not even trying skywalk, n how can I think of jumping from the same tower, when I can’t even walk around it with the harnesses in place?,  I went crazy.

The instructor was quite impressed with my performance and I felt great and pumped up. He asked me about my country and didn’t believe I had come from India….coz according to him Indian girls are not very friendly and they wear long skirts!! hahaa….now that was some categorization!!lol

I paid $HKD 688 for the walk, which included the T-shirt am wearing and the pictures. I liked the T-shirt, because I like bright colors and the stuff was good. It’s far better than wearing a full jump suit!!

All in all it was a thrilling walk…though at first it seems difficult because of the height and the strong wind….people who want to overcome their fear for heights should try this….only if you want to go against your fear, that it, otherwise don’t even dream about it!!

Now I can say-u know what , I have even walked in the sky!:)

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